About the project

ArtYarn have been invited along to the Just So Festival this year to create a fibre arts project that you can all take part in before and during the festival this August.

ArtYarn are always super excited to knit and crochet things that you wouldn't normally think of making out of wool and one of our favorite subjects to knit and crochet is nature! Anything from flowers, leaves, creepy crawlies, butterflies, birds capture our imagination.

We are inviting all of you festival goers and crafting enthusiasts to contribute to our project by knitting, crocheting and  embroidering woolly foliage which we will put onto our display.

The display will be made from a big wooden sign, which willdisplay the letters 'JUST SO!'. 
Before the festival, ArtYarn will be  covering these letters in fabrics and padding them out to create big letter shaped pin cushions - a perfect place to sew and pin on your prepared fabric foliage.

Our hope is that by the end of the festival, every letter will be filled with your creations!
We will also be running a knitting circle where you can sit and make a flower or leaf for the project.

ArtYarn have made a sketch of how we see the installation looking at the start of the festival... 

  So, would you like to take part ? : )  

Here's how to take part...

If you would like to take part in our project, please click HERE to go to the 'how to take part' page where you will find links to patterns, how to knit, how to crochet and for a list of ideas of what you could make for our project.